North Cadbury Court

In North Cadbury Court today assisting Daisy Caldwell aka Daisy Valentine (florist based in Castle Cary). No idea as yet what the duties are, all will be revealed. Work starts at 9.30, time for coffee...


'who will buy' exhibition update

Much pleasure presenting my first exhibition at Arnos Vale during Bristol Open Doors for my first exhibition. See my pics below!

Thanks for all the support from Janine Marriott (Arnos Vale Public Engagement Manager) and Steve Litson - (Arnos Vale Caretaker) in helping this exhibition to blossom.


new business cards


My business cards were ready for collection! Hot footing it to Hobs on Welshback, I took receipt of these lovely, sherberty beauties ready for a drop to a very important independant venue meeting at Watershed and then the Register Office. Yipee!

Much design assistance from Alycia at Hobs and Michal at Semisquared for logo contribution.