Roberta Robinson

Roberta Robinson


Hi, I’m Roberta.

I studied at Talloulah Rose Floristry School in Bath, completing both an introduction to floristry course and a more intensive career change course. It was here I established my own style and a taste for incorporating the changing seasons into my work.

Now branching out on my own, I can combine my artistic passion with a natural flair for floral artistry. I am now dedicated to creating unique arrangements for any occasion.

Having worked in the Events sector for over 10 years, from managing high profile international conferences, to planning and designing intimate romantic weddings.

I particularly love working in non-traditional settings. I have created floral arrangements on bicycle wheels, dressed furniture shops and historical buildings, made flower crowns for models holding live foxes, and much more. So whatever you want flowers for; be it your children, an advertising campaign or a halloween party, I’m up for something unusual!

Please do get in touch for a free no-obligation consultation, simply fill in the enquiry form and I will be in touch.